ADAM4EVE - Adaptive and smart materials and structures for more efficient vessels


Final press release of the ADAM4EVE project is available here.

The final ADAM4EVE project brochure is available here.

Presentations from the first workshop on innovative applications of glass structures held on October 2014. in Hamburg, Germany:
Intro, IFAM, SP, TUHH, Saint-Gobain, Interpane, Fehrmann, LR, STX France

Presentations from Adam4Eve Workshop on Adaptive Ship Hull Forms held on June 2015. in Espoo, Finland:
Intro, Keynote, Adaptive Materials, Stern Flap, Active Trim Wedge, Bulbous Bow, Rudder Propeller

Dedicated article on R&D success stories, selected by the European Commission and presented on their official webpage is available here.

First press release of the ADAM4EVE project is available here.









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The ADAM4EVE project is co-funded by the European Commission

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