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Workshop on innovative applications of glass structures in the maritime industry

The Adam4Eve consortium cordially invites you to join us at the workshop on innovative applications of glass structures in the maritime industry, organized by the Center of Maritime Technologies, taking place on October 2nd, 2014. in Hamburg, Germany.

The workshop aims to explore innovative application opportunities for glass materials in shipbuilding and offshore industry.

State of the art results in glass applications will be analyzed by researchers and industry and classification representatives, from their each individual perspective.  An overview of potential challenges which could prevent or decrease a wider use of glass in the maritime industry will be elaborated with a goal of finding alternatives for overcoming potential problems.

The workshop is dedicated to researchers, engineers and all professionals who are interested in the use of innovative materials, especially glass, belonging to one of the following sectors: producers and processors of glass, shipyards and offshore industry representatives, ship owners and ship operators, universities and research facilities and classification societies.

More info about the workshop together with the agenda can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you in Hamburg.





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